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GNPF submitted a response document to the LCC Public Consultation. Click here if you wish to read it


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The aims of the GNPF constitution include preservation of green belt wherever possible and to promote and improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of Garforth

Listed below are the current active surveys being run by GNPF. Click on a link to participate. You must be a resident of or business owner in Garforth

Housing Needs Survey

Main Street 3 Question Survey

Business Survey

Comment on Vision Statement

Site  Allocations Survey




GNPF have produced a series of reports providing information and opinions about Garforth, covering Greenspace, Retail, Parking, Flooding, Education, Healthcare, Local Industry, Housing, Community Facilities, Census Data and a Character Assessment. This information will be used by the Writing Team to support their work creating the Garforth Plan. Click on this link to access these documents


GNPF Bags Grant from Tesco’s Community Scheme

GNPF have received 1,620 from Tesco’s Bags of Help community grant scheme following a vote that ran in its Garforth store in November and December. To see the press release click here

AGM and Social Evening

GNPF Annual General Meeting 2018 will take place on Wednesday evening  24th October at  the Gaping Goose.

New Survey About Main Street

We have produced a short survey about what is good and what is bad and what should be done to improve it. The link to the Main Street 3 Question Survey survey is above

LDF Newsletter

Click here to read the February 2018 addition of the LCC Local Plan Newsletter


The GNPF AGM takes place at the Miners Welfare Hall on 21st October  at 10am. NB this is a meeting, not a drop in.

GNPF Stand at Garforth Gala

GNPF will have a stand at this year’s Lions Gala at Glebelands on Sunday 25th June. Come along and pay us a visit.

Parish Council Petition Submitted

A petition for the creation of a Parish Council in Garforth was submitted to Leeds City Council offices on Thursday 13th April

Coffee morning Catch Up

Garforth Neighbourhood Planning Forum are holding a catch up at the miner’s Welfare Hall on Saturday 18th March from 9.30am till 12.30pm. You can see the work they have been doing and discuss the Garforth Planwith representatives of the Writing Group

 LCC Plan Newsletter

Leeds City Council have produced a Local Plan Newsletter. Click here to view

Call for Review of Housing Target

Conservative Group leader Councillor Carter is submitting a White Paper to the Leeds City Council meeting on 9th November requesting that the Council:

  • review the housing target,
  • write to the government calling for a suspension of the 5 year land supply requirement
  • introduce penalties against developers who are land bank.

 Click here for full details


Garforth Neighbourhood Planning Forum are holding an AGM at Green Lane Primary Academy on Saturday 22nd October from 10am to noon. Please note this is a meeting, not a drop-in and will start promptly at 10am

GNPF Launch Petition for the Creation of Garforth Parish

Garforth Neighbourhood Planning Forum have launched a petition for the creation of a Garforth parish. For more details visit the Parish council page

GNPF Drop-In at Garforth Miners Welfare Hall

Garforth Neighbourhood Planning Forum Writers Group are holding a Drop-in in the Isabella Room at the Welfare Hall on Saturday 11th June to talk residents through the Vision Statement and Objectives of the Garforth Plan. Residents are welcome to comment. Comment sheets will be available on the day. The vision and feedback form are also available here

 GNPF Stand at Garforth Gala

Garforth Neighbourhood Planning Forum will have a stand at the Garforth Summer Gala at Glebelands on Sunday 26th June to promote the Garforth Plan and the proposed Garforth Town Council

 Public Meeting Regarding Garforth Clinic

There will be a public meeting at the Miners Welfare Hall on Saturday 16th April at 10am. For more details click here


Garforth Neighbourhood Planning Forum bags      1,620 from Tesco’s community grant scheme

Click the link to see the press release


Useful Links

Garforth Flood Support Group


GNPF carried out a survey of the businesses on the industrial estates around Garforth. Here is the report

Also we have conducted a survey of the parking spaces available in the car parks behind Barclays Bank and on Barleyhill Road. Click here to view the survey results

GNPF have conducted a survey of the community buildings around Garforth Here is the report  and spreadsheet

GNPF carried out a retail survey of the shops on Main Steet and the shopping parades around Garforth. This report will provide evidence for the policies included in the Garforth Plan. Here is the report

Leeds City Council have published their Pre-submission changes document for the Leeds Site Allocation Plan. The maps of the changes affecting Garforth are here  Plan 46  Plan 47 and Plan 49. The whole document is here. To comment on these latest changes you can use the council’s on-line form or simply email your comments to The deadline for comments is 27th March.

The HS2 route around Garforth confirmed. Click here for a map of the route

View the powerpoint from the GNPF 2016 AGM here

Garforth Flood Support Group have advised us on the flooding problem in Garforth. Read about Flooding in Garforth

Site Allocation Plan Change documents presented to Plans Panel on 28th June           1 2 3

Why we are entitled to request a boundary review. Click here

The Vision statement provides an image of the Garforth we would like to see in the future. Click here to read and feedback your comments

Welcome to the Garforth Plan Website......

agm2016 workshop

The Garforth Neighbourhood Planning Forum ( GNPF )

The Localism Act of 2011 gave local communities( without a parish council ) the right to form a Neighbourhood Planning Forum which could help shape and plan their neighbourhood. Development  once agreed  cannot be stopped, but by working with the local council and residents Neighbourhood Planning Forums can design development to the benefit of the community by producing a local Neighbourhood Plan.

The Council’s Target

Governments past and present have stated the need for a substantial house building programme.  Leeds City Council has set a target of building  over 70,000 dwellings  between 2012 and 2028  and states that this level of housing growth is greater than any other authority in England.  The city was divided into  11 areas, each with a similar housing allocation .

Effect on Garforth

When the Council’s Site Allocation Plan was produced in the summer of 2013 we discovered that Garforth had been placed in the Outer South East area of the city and had been allocated a target of 3,534 new dwellings. Almost all of the sites identified for possible housing were in the Green Belt around Garforth. The Council’s Core Strategy states that majority of growth  is focussed on the urban areas  and major settlements   ( ie Garforth ) as these are regarded as sustainable locations  because  infrastructure and services  are already established. This Site Allocation Plan was in the process of undergoing a public consultation and despite only two to three weeks remaining of the consultation process  individual Garforth residents managed to submit over 3,000 comments

Establishment of Garforth NPF

A group of concerned residents held a meeting with electoral representatives and given the opportunity,  formed  a Neighbourhood Planning Forum with the assistance of the Leeds City Council’s Planning department. Posters and banners were distributed around Garforth, meetings held and an acting steering group formed to apply for ‘Designation’ status ( a formal requirement ).

 This process took several months , meeting with residents who signed up as Forum members to support the work of the GNPF. At the first AGM members signed up to the sub groups formed  to look into issues  of concern identified by residents during our consultations :  housing sites, healthcare, education, leisure and greenspace, traffic congestion and transport,  retail and employment ,flooding ( the existing flood group was invited to participate ). Other issues eg  litter are not planning issues and cannot be included in the neighbourhood plan, however  a group was formed to look into the possible advantages / disadvantages of having a Parish council who also deal with many non planning issues. We were finally granted ‘designation status’ in November 2014

 As a ‘designated Neighbourhood Planning Forum we applied for a grant which we have used to publicised our events and has enabled us to employ the services of David Gluck, an independent planning consultant to help us through the process. David also supports several other planning groups within the Leeds area.

Garforth Cliff

In January 2015 The Council produced a revised Site Allocations Plan. Most of the contentious sites originally proposed for consultation surrounding  Garforth had been removed  and 83% of the  remaining housing target for the Outer South East had been proposed for the land behind the water tower on Garforth Cliff ( 2,300 houses ). This represents a 41% increase in housing numbers in Garforth.  This site has been scheduled to be developed in the first phase of development (within five years).


After several more months whilst minor alterations were made  city wide this revised Site Allocations Plan was submitted  for public  consultation ( Sept/Nov 15 ). Following the close of the consultation , all the responses are being  collated by the Planning department, possible adjustments made and  then will be put to a Public Examination where a Planning Inspector will decide whether to accept all the proposed sites with or without further adjustments.

As a Forum , along with many other Neighbourhood Planning Forums and Parish Councils in Leeds we will have an opportunity to discuss our response to the consultation document. A decision is unlikely to be made until 2017.

Garforth Neighbourhood Plan

In the meantime GNPF is progressing with our  Neighbourhood Plan which then has to be submitted to the Leeds City Council and if accepted will be put to a referendum in Garforth. If this plan is accepted  the Planning Department will  endeavour to incorporate these policies into decisions when granting planning permission to developers.

We hope to produce  our plan as soon as is possible along with some other groups  who are already submitting their plans so that our responses to the consultation will carry more weight with the Inspector if we have a plan in place . 

The plan is produced by writing policies to address the concerns / comments made by Garforth residents in response to the household survey that we delivered to every house in Garforth in the summer of 2015 . We then held two workshops to identify the topics relevant to a Neighbourhood Plan. A Writing group has been formed and also a Working group to produce the evidence we need to support the proposed policies. If you would like to help please let us know.

 Community Infrastructure Levy

Developers have to pay a Community Infrastructure Levey ( CIL ) 25% of which goes to a Parish Council with an adopted plan and 15% without a plan.  Unfortunately the CIL money is not payable directly to a NPF but retained by  Leeds City Council to be spent in the   general area after consultation with interested committees . It has yet to be clarified how much of this CIL will be spent directly in Garforth and how much will be distributed elsewhere in the Outer South East. Historically Garforth has not done too well in this process so GNPF have asked their Parish Council group to progress the setting up of a Parish Council to ensure that Garforth residents can decide how the CIL money will be spent locally.

Anyone living or working in Garforth is eligible to become a member. Of the Garforth Neighbourhood Planning Forum which is a  non political voluntary  group.


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